Saturday, March 31, 2012

Legal Fox

Hey Mod Fox is 21...Happy Birthday!

I remember when I was twenty one...and tons of fun.  Who am I kidding? I love being inside my house and lounging around in pajamas and nobody but your husband and child should see you wear.  That's why I rarely have OTD pictures.  Now that I am back at work I look and feel great, I am going to try to take one pic every two weeks.

Back to Fox.  I love her style.

She is giving that jacket away, but I have not worn a small since elementary school so  I will pass.  Personally, I think that the star of this ensemble is the skirt! I LOVE IT!  I started thinking about how cute a floral skirt would look with my denim shirt or a white t shirt or tank top.  Plus my husband loves it when I wear skirts! What???!! People find moms to be sexy too!!

I just love the color of this skirt! Old Navy always comes through with the affordable item.  However I would wait for this one to go on sale before I bought it!

Also Old Navy.  Also cute.  Also needs to go on sale...dramatically.

Now this skirt from ASOS Curve with the tropical floral pattern is fun and fabulous! It is also the right price.  Score!

I want this badly. ::drooling::

Where else have you all seen floral skirts!? Let me know!

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