Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wild Kingdom

Lately I have become obsessed with PRINTS!  I am into all print but the idea of having animals littered all over my clothing - there is just something about it that I really like.  Mostly because its ironic that I would wear something with animals on it.

This dress from H&M is darling. My issue is that with a young child I cant get over to my nearest H&M to buy it.  Speaking of nearest H&M, there isn't one with in 100 miles of Nashville. This is the country music capital of the world!  How ridiculous is that?  Equally as ridiculousness is the fact that you can not shop online.  What year are they living in? I need this dress.  Biggest size they have.  :endrant: 

More stuff at H&M I can look at but not buy.

This beauty is only 12.95.  Shame shame.

How adorable is this dog print!!! LOVE IT!

Don't worry these cute prints are accessible to all.  If Old Navy is selling them, then they shouldn't be hard for me to get my paws on!  Paws...get it?

This bird print from Old Navy is darling.  Just darling. 

I am definitely getting this top! I hate cats but I love the print.  It comes in a red dog as well.  But I prefer this one.

See Courtney gets it.  BIRDS!  Bird birds...the bird is the word.