Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mommy's Cheerleader

So my oldest friend Literal Gemini did it again! She gets the best gifts...and I love thoughtful gifts!  Besides the onesie from C that said @babyqspn...this was one of the smallest yet different gifts we have received.

No offense to anyone, I appreciate you all...I had to share these two!

When this came in the mail from @Supagirlwonder, my husband and I went nuts! Baby Q wore this onesie home from the hospital. Isn't it cute!  My husbands Twitter handle is @QSPN and mine is @MrsQspn.  Its only right that Baby Q should be @babyqspn! 

The other gift I adored was a gift box of socks.  I know you are saying, "Why is this chick making a big deal  over socks?" Well because they are baby fab.  

These are the Lucy socks from Trumpette.  Super cute! 

They came in a cute box with multiple colors.  

Quinn actually loves these socks, and she wears them around the house for no reason at all.  She is always smiling and these two gifts added more cute to her bubbly personality!

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  1. Those are sooo cute!! I'm so glad you like them...and that Quinn likes them. I wanted to get you something that you could use but that would be fun at the same time. She looks adorable!! And she had gotten so BIG!! Love it!!