Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BeautyFash | The Curvy Chronicles: Pan Roasted Tilapia

BeautyFash | The Curvy Chronicles: Pan Roasted Tilapia: After realizing that I have not been eating as healthy as I should be, I have decided to cut the processed crap and do more "clean eating...

So my girl blogged this fabulous recipe for Pan Roasted Tilapia...and I have got to say it looks divine.  Right now my husband and I are eating clean as well but when we reintroduce fish back into our diet, this tilapia will be one of the first things I whip up.

I cannot wait for her to post the salad recipe.  That is something I can eat now!

So around mothers day, my hubby and I decided that enough was enough.  We had both allowed our eating to get out of control and even though I just had a baby not too long ago and was back in my pre-baby clothes...I just became tired of not being able to have more options when I shop.  My sisters are also getting married and I refuse to be a size 22 bridesmaid again.  With David's bridal dresses being two sizes too small...I was not happy with ordering a size 22 dress. So I didn't.  I ordered a 20.

I know it may sound dumb, but it was just the kick in the butt  I needed to do something about how we were eating.  With that said, we decided to follow the Daniel Plan/Daniel fast...which allows you to consume veggies, fruits, legumes, and whole grains such as brown rice.  No sugar or sweeteners are allowed.  No fried foods. Nothing with yeast can be enjoyed either. The only beverage that can be had is water.

Fathers day will be our 21st day...we will enjoy our fathers day cookout and go back to our new way of eating.  I have already lost 11 pounds but weight aside...I FEEL GREAT!  My skin is glowing! And I have had time to take in just how addicted I was to sugar.  I also have taken much of my focus off of food and what  I am going to eat next.  Don't get me wrong.  I love FOOD.  And I am eating well - delicious balanced meals full of fruits and vegetables.  When I do feel a sense of control over my eating, I will slowly allow some things back into my diet.  Until then this girl can still pin cupcakes and cheesy pasta...but I am not eating it!

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