Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did You Miss Me!?!?!?

So we are back from vacation. The Clay's went on their first official vacation last week and had a blast! I had funnel cake twice and deep fried oreos. Talk about heaven on earth! (leave it to me to talk about the food first but I can only be me...)

We went to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, Tennessee and stayed in a Chalet on the side of the mountain (literally).

We had a blast! Instead of doing the normal tourist trapsy types of things...we went White Water Rafting and Zip lining!! Yes folks...I said white water rafting and ZIP LINING.

I will let the pics speak for themselves. Q's mom has the video of zip lining and as soon as she posts it I will put it up!

Smokey Mountain Vacation Summer 2009

(click the links to enlarge)

The Chalet above ours...these things are literally on the side of the mountain.

Our chalet was called "A Room With a View"...and here are some views.

My hubby before we went into the cabin.

Our Room...

The Lovely Mrs. Clay (ITS ME FOOLZ!)

Ok that wasn't nice sorry for calling you guys foolz...I got carried away. (Foolz is the word of the week...)

My cute hubby giving the thumbs up! His smile makes me melt!

The view on the way to our White Water Rafting Adventure!

Its me again...ready to go rafting! Q deep in thought...

The Old Mill...whatever. Its lame after going rafting and zip lining. We drove past and stopped for some pics.

We loved getting home for the sunset...they didn't call the chalet "A Room With a View" for nothing!!

This is my absolute favorite!


  1. beautiful pictures erica!!! i'm so glad you are still on vacation. LOVE you to pieces!

  2. Great Pics!!!

    You two are adorable....

    Makes me reconsider my marriage.

    Why did I put my wedding ring on (just for old times sake) and now its stuck. AS soon as I put it on, my finger got swollen. Not sure if that is a sign that I should have never taken it off, or that I should have never put it back on...

    I am trying to wait it out but its been three days and still no success (water, soap, butter etc etc)....Sigh...