Monday, July 13, 2009

Noticing You Noticing Me

So I just finished reading this lovely book called, "The Noticer". May I say I read it in like two days, which for me has become great because I have such a short attention span.

Actually I didn't just finish reading it. I finished reading it like two weeks ago...but I forgot to post about it. I was sitting here and started thinking about how I'm so mediocre and saw the book sitting on the table.

I thought about how I felt reading the book. Powerful. Invincible. Hopeful. My mind wandered back to the excitement I felt at each revelation that was brought forth through the telling of this tale.

I have been saying this since before I read the book but it made it even more plain to me.

"Sometimes all a person needs is a little perspective."

I love that. I don't have much to say...I just know that I need to do things to gain more perspective and build my confidence. Mostly because if I don't know my value how will anyone else. Do you know your value? I mean you know?

Do I know is the only question I can answer. If I did know how much of a gift I am, I would never downplay my impact on the lives of my friends and family. They really do need me in their lives, I am an asset. If I really knew how brilliant I am, I wouldn't feed myself negative messages and tear myself down for no reason but to do it before someone else got the chance to. I don't deserve that treatment from others and I definately dont have the right to mistreat myself.

Well I need to pray more. read more. blog more. save more. love more. risk more. risk more. risk more. dream more. clean more. learn more. praise more. call more. write more. eat more fruit. float more. hunt and gather more. be silent more.

I started typing the list and thought of more things I needed to do. I'm missing the point. Let me pick five things to focus on...

I'm going to pray more. write more. eat more fruit. risk more and love more.

Lets see what perspective I can get in six days!

PS...No baby news Jenna but im going to find perspective on that during this week.


  1. Good points!

    I need to breathe more.exercise more.relax more.write more.visit more.walk less.hug more.thank more.cry less.forgive more.forget more.move on more.

    I've got a lot of stuff I need to do... I need to GET IT TOGETHER!!

    Thanks for the perspective...

  2. Brilliant. Nothing like getting a little perspective to make you a happier person!