Saturday, March 31, 2012

Legal Fox

Hey Mod Fox is 21...Happy Birthday!

I remember when I was twenty one...and tons of fun.  Who am I kidding? I love being inside my house and lounging around in pajamas and nobody but your husband and child should see you wear.  That's why I rarely have OTD pictures.  Now that I am back at work I look and feel great, I am going to try to take one pic every two weeks.

Back to Fox.  I love her style.

She is giving that jacket away, but I have not worn a small since elementary school so  I will pass.  Personally, I think that the star of this ensemble is the skirt! I LOVE IT!  I started thinking about how cute a floral skirt would look with my denim shirt or a white t shirt or tank top.  Plus my husband loves it when I wear skirts! What???!! People find moms to be sexy too!!

I just love the color of this skirt! Old Navy always comes through with the affordable item.  However I would wait for this one to go on sale before I bought it!

Also Old Navy.  Also cute.  Also needs to go on sale...dramatically.

Now this skirt from ASOS Curve with the tropical floral pattern is fun and fabulous! It is also the right price.  Score!

I want this badly. ::drooling::

Where else have you all seen floral skirts!? Let me know!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mommy's Cheerleader

So my oldest friend Literal Gemini did it again! She gets the best gifts...and I love thoughtful gifts!  Besides the onesie from C that said @babyqspn...this was one of the smallest yet different gifts we have received.

No offense to anyone, I appreciate you all...I had to share these two!

When this came in the mail from @Supagirlwonder, my husband and I went nuts! Baby Q wore this onesie home from the hospital. Isn't it cute!  My husbands Twitter handle is @QSPN and mine is @MrsQspn.  Its only right that Baby Q should be @babyqspn! 

The other gift I adored was a gift box of socks.  I know you are saying, "Why is this chick making a big deal  over socks?" Well because they are baby fab.  

These are the Lucy socks from Trumpette.  Super cute! 

They came in a cute box with multiple colors.  

Quinn actually loves these socks, and she wears them around the house for no reason at all.  She is always smiling and these two gifts added more cute to her bubbly personality!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wild Kingdom

Lately I have become obsessed with PRINTS!  I am into all print but the idea of having animals littered all over my clothing - there is just something about it that I really like.  Mostly because its ironic that I would wear something with animals on it.

This dress from H&M is darling. My issue is that with a young child I cant get over to my nearest H&M to buy it.  Speaking of nearest H&M, there isn't one with in 100 miles of Nashville. This is the country music capital of the world!  How ridiculous is that?  Equally as ridiculousness is the fact that you can not shop online.  What year are they living in? I need this dress.  Biggest size they have.  :endrant: 

More stuff at H&M I can look at but not buy.

This beauty is only 12.95.  Shame shame.

How adorable is this dog print!!! LOVE IT!

Don't worry these cute prints are accessible to all.  If Old Navy is selling them, then they shouldn't be hard for me to get my paws on!  Paws...get it?

This bird print from Old Navy is darling.  Just darling. 

I am definitely getting this top! I hate cats but I love the print.  It comes in a red dog as well.  But I prefer this one.

See Courtney gets it.  BIRDS!  Bird birds...the bird is the word.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quinn's Birth Story

So we did it! We had a baby!

Her name is Quinn and she is my life...all of it. She is love.  Everything that my life has been up until this point has been to nurture this child.  I'm so blessed and grateful.

I will tell the tale quickly of my labor and delivery, and post a few pics.  I'm not going to make it long and drawn out because then I wont post. My attention span these days is for baby cries and diaper changes.

On January 23rd, I was admitted to Summit Hospital because my blood pressure had been high, I was not feeling well and my doctor wanted to induce labor.  It was a beautiful evening not a chill or snow flurry in sight.  After being admitted, my husband and I went to my room and I changed into my gown.  While being asked a ton of questions by the nurses we hear an alarm sound, followed by "Code Black Code Black".  The nurse said that it was a tornado warning and I would have to cart myself, big belly and IV down to a tornado safe room with no windows.

By the time it was safe to return to my room about an hour later, my blood pressure was sky high.  To lower the risks my doctor decided that even though I had only been there three hours, I should get an epidural right away, as it would bring my pressure down.  It did, the epidural worked like a charm.  And I thought it was horrific.  Every minute of it.  If at all avoidable I do not want to ever get another epidural for the rest of my life.  I'm not being over dramatic, I just hated that needle in my back.

After the epidural, we waited and waited and waited.  I hated the feeling of my feet being asleep and not being able to feel my body.  But slowly I dilated until the nurse came in and said..."Oh you are at ten and I can feel the hair on her head.  Let me call the doctor so she can come and you can start pushing."  By this time I had been waiting for almost 24 hours and was starving and exhausted.  But my focus was on bringing a healthy baby girl into the world, so I put all of that aside.

The nurse left to call my awesome doctor, came back and checked me but seemed taken aback.  She told me that I was ten centimeters dilated but I had gone back to seven and she couldn't feel the baby at my pelvis like before.  Excuse me???!!!!  Imagine my surprise!!! I freaked out and had a panic attack.  Yes. Panic attack!!!

I was the pregnant lady yelling at everyone that was telling her to calm down.  "Don't tell me to calm down!"  Ha! Oh it was a riot.  Apparently my bundle of joy had flipped herself over and pulled herself back up into my stomach and she refused to come down the birth canal.  We waited three more hours, then the doctor came in and says...."the baby is sending a message that she doesn't want to be delivered that way, I think we should do a C-Section".  No.  No.  No.  No.

I cried and cried and cried.  That was not my birth plan. At all.  After I cried I accepted the reality and allowed them to prep me for surgery. It was not that bad. Had  I known it was going to be that easy I would have done it ten hours before I did!

When the tugging and pulling was through, they brought my baby girl over to me and  I kissed her on the cheek.  It was surreal.  Five pounds and ten ounces of bliss. On January 24, 2012 Quinn Elizabeth arrived and it was worth every month, week, day, hour, minute and second of waiting!

So there you have it! Quinn has finally been introduced to the blog world!