Thursday, January 27, 2011

City Chic US Launch

Hey lovelies!  I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you all know that City Chic just launched a new US version of their site!  I am really exited about it because I have been eying a few fabulous things for a some weeks now!

The Mr. and I will be celebrating our third wedding anniversary in April and will be spending the weekend enjoying his company at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee.  Granted its about ten minutes away from where we live, I have not stayed there and am super excited!  We will be having a romantic dinner somewhere no doubt...I NEED A SEXY DRESS!  I mean, I need to make him do a triple take and say "WHOA!" to indicate that he thinks I'm hot!

I love the cut of this.  I am not blessed in the hips and rear department and the empire waist on this dress will give me curves in the right places and more of a shape.  I love it!  The polka dots are too cute!

I like this one too.  But I am in love with the first one!

Some other options for the weekend...(The Mr. loves me to show off my legs!)

Of course these would be worn with boots, tights and a cardi!

Spring is around the corner!

City Chic is on point for this upcoming season! I'm really excited!  They also have an awesome contest going on right now to celebrate the launch of the site in the United States!

 City Chic has just launched a contest to win a free trip to Australian Fashion Week.  The contest is open to all in NZ, AU, and the US.  You can enter the contest through the "Share and Win" tab on the City Chic Facebook:

I hope I win...but if I don't I hope you win!  Rush over and enter!

Friday, January 21, 2011

@ The Mill

At the beginning of December I recieved a gift from the principal of my former school.  It was the gift of bread.  At first I scoffed, and thought..."who gives someone bread as a gift".  Then I ate it.  Oh my my!

This bread was so good I had to plan a trip to buy some.  We vowed after eating that bread not to buy bread from the grocery store again.  We have stuck to our guns on that one and have only eaten bread from the Amish Market in Nolensville, Tennessee.  

The Amish Market @ The Mill is the rage now a days.  With everyone trying to support local businesses, its no wonder boys and girls flock to their humble store from far distances outside of the Nashville Metro area. Myself included.  However, I have had the Amish Country experience in Pennsylvania and Maryland, so this situation was a little touristy and lacked authenticity.  

Look at my reflection in the door!  

They are praised for their breakfast....but Miss Pea-wee is NOT Amish.  Am I being Amish-ist?  

I don't like Pecan Pie but a lot of people do because it was the only one left.

No...I don't want to fight in the civil war.  

This trip was over all disappointing.  I just do not get what all of the fuss was about.  But when I post the rest of the pictures I took while in Nolensville, you will see why I fell in love!  Not with this place though.  Its just my bread provider.  If you want to go and get some be my guest!  The verdict is still out on the Strawberry Jam.  I do not think its that great but my husband loves it. 

Anyways, go and see for yourself!

Amish Country Market @ The mill
7280 Nolensville Rd
NolensvilleTN 37135

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Im Coming

I know I did all of that talking about blogging more.  But the semester just started...when I get going I will be back.  I do want to let everyone know that I got a new job, and I start Monday.  Dont ask details, just know that I am happy to be moving on to a new thing!  I also dont have to wear a crummy uniform...i.e. The Red T-Shirt and black pants.

See ya soon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Mrs Bakenstein (or E. Bakenstein)

My husband told me that this year I can only bake twice a month.  I agreed because we are trying to decrease our sugar consumption.  I promised in fact.  Then I turned around and made these...

Lets get a closer look.

MONKEY MUFFINS!!! (Click for recipe.)

They were really incredible.  My husband tried to eat the whole thing by himself but I refused to let him enjoy all of the delish-iocity by himself!  

I got the recipe from my best friend know The Pioneer Woman.  Okay, maybe best friend isn't quite "keeping it real".  I am more like a blog stalker, but we (she and I) visit with each other several times a day.  We (she and I) hang out for hours upon hours figuring out which of her recipes I will make next.

With that said.  This week I tried these recipes from The Pioneer Woman arsenal of awesomeness!

This is INDEED the best chocolate sheet cake I have ever eaten in my LIFE.  It is all from scratch which is right up my alley, it is pretty simple to make.  Its gone, and no I never got around to giving it away.  (Dont judge me.)  Next time I will make this in my Bundt pan and drizzle the chocolate frosting over it.  It will be easier to store and prettier.  YOU MUST MAKE THIS!

I do not know what I did wrong but my melts were not fabulous.  They were below average.  My husband thought they were good, but I NEVER strive for just good.  I need him to use an adjective that is fun, exciting,  along the lines of FANTASTIC.  I did not get that response.  I only at one, and then my appetite for the day was gone.  Try them if you want, I hope yours come out as good as Ree's look!

This was so-so.  My baked spaghetti is better and I would rather spend 30 minutes making something great than 16 making something that is just average.  I made it Thursday and it is still in the fridge.  We did not even fool with the left overs.  And we have NO PROBLEM with eating food over and over again until it is gone.  In fact we have ordered pizza twice since I made this, I may break it out tonight.  I think the fact that I did not add meat is what made it different.  Please try it and tell me if I am off and you thought it was really easy and great.  

Just to let you know I also made Banana Nut Muffins yesterday.  They had a cream cheese swirl going on.  

I have baked three times and it is not even the 15th yet.  I have broken my promise and I feel terrible.  I am however not going to beat myself up about it.  The muffins do not count because they were a necessity!  I am not going to throw away bananas that are rotting!  I just can't!

Lets pause for a moment of silence.

I picked up this Smart Bacon.  Should not be called "Smart Bacon" tasted dumb.  It was literally like eating a shoe box.  I mean, what I would think a shoe box would taste like, because I have never actually eaten a shoe box before.

Say NO to smart bacon.  I would rather just omit bacon like things from my life than settle for this horrible substitute.  

With that said my list for the week is coming along wonderfully!  I'm glad that I am setting small goals for myself to attain.  I'm no good at achieving long term goals, short attention span!

Stay safe in the snow!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

So here we are in 2011!!! I'm doing my first post of the year from my iPod touch and it's pretty cool to be posting from the comfort of my bed. Let's face it, it takes a lot to move me. This is a big deal. This takes away any excuses I have made in the past for failing to update this blog.

With that said, I have some plans for this space! Today I went on eBay to scout out a USB chord to replace the one I have misplaced in my house. I also looked into getting a tripod. My goal is to do more outfit of the day posts. Hopefully my new job will not force me to wear dusty black pants and a frumpy red shirt. Hopefully I will be able to discover my inner fashionista again. Chic is on a budget though and needs to start thrifting! Oh and I have not secured this job yet, it's my faith working. Im just speaking what I know is going to happen and doing what I need to do to secure the deal. (See goals for the week.)

So with all of these new ways to stay connected, all of my camera accessories and a renewed sense to do somethings I have made up in mind must be done...2011 seems to be full of promise!

This weeks goals:

Exercise three times this week
Look into joining nashville's local CSA
Spend no money eating out cook all meals
Cut negativity in half
Clean up one room in my house everyday
Clean my crap out of my car
Send out twenty resumes

Ok lovelies...have a magnificent Monday!!!!!