Monday, May 31, 2010

Soy Delicious

I'm not going to say..."Happy Memorial Day"...because I think its dumb.  We are honoring folks who died in countless wars...whats to celebrate.  Granted...the Civil War was necessary but if there was never any human trafficking in the first place...there would be no need to the Confederacy to remove it self from the Union.  I'm just saying...who is HAPPY to celebrate their loved ones who lost life in a war.  Show of hands!?  Exactly. I'm not saying don't remember and honor...Im just saying there is nothing happy about it.  I really just think its a way to spin the fact that something precious was lost without dealing with the why.

End Rant.  ::stepsoffsoapbox::

My husband and I have stopped eating meat...and only eat fish a few times a week.  I know you may be asking "What the heck are you eating???"  or "Gosh that must be boring and bland tasting..." but you would be surprised! I still love food as much as I ever have!

We will be grilling veggie burgers and salmon today! I'm going to make deviled eggs...veggie salad...some vegetarian baked beans!  I'm so excited.

I do want to share with you all some of the things we have been eating. Because well its good!  Actually Morning Star Chik'n products are absolutely delicious.

The chicken nuggets were so good....I was surprised at first.  I prefer the Chik'n Tenders to the nuggets though.  You cannot tell the difference between these and any other frozen chicken nugget product on the market. I would say that these taste better than the so called real chicken nuggets.

My husband and I love the Chik'n Patties as well!  We put them on Sister Schubert's Yeast Rolls and add Dijon Mustard and Sweet baby Rays for a little added flavor. DELISH.  This is so quick and easy to make.

Don't worry we get our veggies in on the side.  Salads, Broccoli, Corn.  You get my point. One thing I'm concerned about is eliminating meat from my diet and over dosing on junk.  So we are making every effort to over dose on fruits and veggies everyday!  I am a fruitaholic so summer is my favorite season!

What fruits and veggies are you looking forward to enjoying this summer???

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Click the picture to enlarge and see my bracelets!  Dont be jealous at how FAB they are!

I'm not running a sweatshop. I actually gave the kids a snack before they started making bracelets! These were made by two of my lovlies using pipe cleaners and plastic beads.

Im posting this blog using ShowMe! Photo Blogger. Its an ap on my blackberry. This is my third time attempting this. ::crossingmyfingershittingsend::  

Results:  It didn't work.  All it did was send me an email of the post.  It did not upload the post for me.  Hmph...that sucks.  I had to copy paste and upload the picture to blogger so I might as well just wait and do the post in front of a computer.  It only save a few seconds.  Meh. On to the other hand I do like how it gave the picture a border and title. I may just keep it around after all.

Monday, May 24, 2010


So my birthday turn out fabulously!  My husband gave me a surprise birthday party!

I was not expecting it and my closest loved ones  in Nashville (my second family and a few close friends) were there to celebrate!

My camera sucks...go figure.  My blackberry isn't even a year old and it is not worth crap.  I wore this t-shirt with jeans (hair pulled back) because I was dressed to go to bible study...not a party!  But it was fun!

Lost is over.  I'm not going to say much about it.   I was somewhat disappointed in the ending.  Not many loose ends were tied up and I felt as though the writers as a whole insulted the intelligence of the viewer.  My hubby thinks I need to let it go, and take it for what it is...strictly a form of entertainment.  But I can't I'm obsessive.  

Updates on my natural journey!  I can get a puff now and I'm super hyped about it!  Its actually very flattering and will be my go to hair style during the summer.  

My hair is growing so fast.  My regimen is simple...I only wash with conditioner.  Sometimes I add baking soda to it if I have buildup.  I add leave in conditioner and my Shea butter/coconut oil mix.  I let it air try until its almost dry if I am doing a twist out.  For this puff I let it dry about 35% then I pull it back!  

What are you all doing to preserve your hair during the summer! What products do you live by to protect and moisturize your locks in the sun and heat!!!????

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thirty and Flirty

Today I turned 30 years old.  I don't know how I feel about that but I wont complain or get down on myself.  I'm blessed and I am happy.

One of my 2nd grade students made me this before she went off to her class!  She hugged me a gazillion times and sang "For She's a jolly good fellow" while we were lining up to go to class!

What else have I been up to!  Well I have been taking a ton of pictures.  I found my battery charger for my camera.  Now  I cannot find the USB cord to upload the pictures...AGAIN!  Luckily i took a FEW on my phone!

Going natural is still one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life.  

My Fro is beautiful...I normally wear it with a thin headband as shown in this picture! of my darling first graders agrees!  You know he didnt mean to say I am petty.  But maybe he did.  LOL!!!!

One of my besties came to Nashville and we hung out!  I know I look huge next to her but she is really really really tiny.  LOL

I went home to Maryland for my brothers wedding.  I was the planner and it turned out beautifully!

Got to spend time with my family...but not all of my friends!  I will get you ALL next time!

My beautiful Mother with the white shawl and God mom beside her!  My younger sister and brother and his new fab baby sister!!! My big sis is missing!

I know its a bad picture but I had to get my dad DANCING!  LOL

I have so many OOTD pics on my camera....but I will leave you with a picture of the Clay's since this post was photo heavy!  

I'm going to find a birthday outfit...thats cute and casual because I'm walking to work this afternoon!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Where the Heart Is

Hey lovelies!  I know i have been absent but I have been traveling and had to get my site together for the person who would be covering for me.  I am home in Maryland sleeping the day away.  While I am here, Nashville was hit with severe rain and a lot of flooding occurred.  We have no idea what our home is going to look like when we get home...but there is no sense in worrying about something that you have no control over!

I didn't get the eShakti dress.  Mostly because I procrastinated too long.  My husband and I are going shopping for something for both of us to wear as he forgot his suit in Nashville. 

As you know I'm coordinating my brothers wedding.  That's why I'm hear so soon after my last visit.  We had the wedding rehearsal yesterday.  While a few surprises were thrown my way...I'm very flexible and plan on making lemonade out of the lemons being hurled at me!

I can't wait to see all my friends...M had her baby on Saturday...Dy is single and successful and doing her thing...and J is a fabulous mom who is navigating her way through this thing called life.  Sounds like a show on television!  I should write the pilot! 

Anyways I will only be taking pictures at the wedding. I forgot my camera charger on my computer desk and I have close to no battery life left!

I love you guys!  Be blessed!