Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Click the picture to enlarge and see my bracelets!  Dont be jealous at how FAB they are!

I'm not running a sweatshop. I actually gave the kids a snack before they started making bracelets! These were made by two of my lovlies using pipe cleaners and plastic beads.

Im posting this blog using ShowMe! Photo Blogger. Its an ap on my blackberry. This is my third time attempting this. ::crossingmyfingershittingsend::  

Results:  It didn't work.  All it did was send me an email of the post.  It did not upload the post for me.  Hmph...that sucks.  I had to copy paste and upload the picture to blogger so I might as well just wait and do the post in front of a computer.  It only save a few seconds.  Meh. On to the other hand I do like how it gave the picture a border and title. I may just keep it around after all.


  1. The bracelet pic didn't load at all on my screen. :-( BTW, we had to cancel our plans to road trip to Nashville on May 16th due to everyone being way too busy. But I think we'll be rescheduling soon. I'll keep ya posted.

  2. Yeah it didn't work. Make sure you upload it.

  3. I MISS YOU TOO! Happy belated birthday. You look gorgeous and I'm loving the puff. XOXOXO.