Monday, May 24, 2010


So my birthday turn out fabulously!  My husband gave me a surprise birthday party!

I was not expecting it and my closest loved ones  in Nashville (my second family and a few close friends) were there to celebrate!

My camera sucks...go figure.  My blackberry isn't even a year old and it is not worth crap.  I wore this t-shirt with jeans (hair pulled back) because I was dressed to go to bible study...not a party!  But it was fun!

Lost is over.  I'm not going to say much about it.   I was somewhat disappointed in the ending.  Not many loose ends were tied up and I felt as though the writers as a whole insulted the intelligence of the viewer.  My hubby thinks I need to let it go, and take it for what it is...strictly a form of entertainment.  But I can't I'm obsessive.  

Updates on my natural journey!  I can get a puff now and I'm super hyped about it!  Its actually very flattering and will be my go to hair style during the summer.  

My hair is growing so fast.  My regimen is simple...I only wash with conditioner.  Sometimes I add baking soda to it if I have buildup.  I add leave in conditioner and my Shea butter/coconut oil mix.  I let it air try until its almost dry if I am doing a twist out.  For this puff I let it dry about 35% then I pull it back!  

What are you all doing to preserve your hair during the summer! What products do you live by to protect and moisturize your locks in the sun and heat!!!????


  1. I think your hair looks fabulous! I'm all about an occasional deep conditioning treatment for myself!

  2. I LOVE your hair! It looks beautiful!! I'm glad you had a wonderful Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! =D

  3. i love ure hair hun! it has such a characted to it ... and u rock it so well! im so happy u had a wonderful time on ure party! well deserved! xoxo!