Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thirty and Flirty

Today I turned 30 years old.  I don't know how I feel about that but I wont complain or get down on myself.  I'm blessed and I am happy.

One of my 2nd grade students made me this before she went off to her class!  She hugged me a gazillion times and sang "For She's a jolly good fellow" while we were lining up to go to class!

What else have I been up to!  Well I have been taking a ton of pictures.  I found my battery charger for my camera.  Now  I cannot find the USB cord to upload the pictures...AGAIN!  Luckily i took a FEW on my phone!

Going natural is still one of the best decisions I have made in my adult life.  

My Fro is beautiful...I normally wear it with a thin headband as shown in this picture! of my darling first graders agrees!  You know he didnt mean to say I am petty.  But maybe he did.  LOL!!!!

One of my besties came to Nashville and we hung out!  I know I look huge next to her but she is really really really tiny.  LOL

I went home to Maryland for my brothers wedding.  I was the planner and it turned out beautifully!

Got to spend time with my family...but not all of my friends!  I will get you ALL next time!

My beautiful Mother with the white shawl and God mom beside her!  My younger sister and brother and his new fab baby sister!!! My big sis is missing!

I know its a bad picture but I had to get my dad DANCING!  LOL

I have so many OOTD pics on my camera....but I will leave you with a picture of the Clay's since this post was photo heavy!  

I'm going to find a birthday outfit...thats cute and casual because I'm walking to work this afternoon!



  1. Hatsy Birtday!!!!Honey celebrate all you want.. in anyway you want!!! .. Thanks so much for your kind words for my family tragedy. Yes, GOD IS GOOD~ we have FAITH!

    ..sorry though, the skirt is LB old, like 09 maybe...But I cant wait to see how chic you will look for your big day!!

    Great Fam pics. Lovely family.

    .. and 30 is pretty good. and it keeps getting better.

  2. Happy birthday to a beautyful young woman ...

    Happy Birthday Miss E !!!!

    Hope you have the best year ever! Blessings to you my love!