Thursday, September 24, 2009

Purple People Eater

Deep rich hues are so in this Fall and I plan to be "in" because trends are fun. I dont mean trending in the sense of me looking like a clone. More accurate would be me putting my own spin on a trend...Im going to do these colors my way.

This way is very similar to my way minus all the accessories...I DONT DO BANGLES! And that headband would be reworked into a hairpin, if i wore it at all. But I still love it. Thanks Ally I love your style!

And THIS is such cute Fall weekend wear. Since I look like crap at work...I like to look nice on the weekend. I love all of this MINUS that cat bag...who let the cat out of the bag! I dont know...I hate cats and prefer animal print not animals!!!!! See above about the bangle. But I might consider wearing this one!

In other news. Yesterday we had our Wednesday Stepping It Up session at work. I educated the kids on the Grains food group. We have whole wheat bagel minis apples and peanut butter.

They demolished it...which lets me know for sure without a doubt that kids will eat anything that is easy to pick up and eat - especially if its presented well!!!! They ate the bagels plain which surprised me because I had peanut butter on mine!

All in all...I actually love the Stepping It Up curriculum so do the kids. They look forward to it and ask what we will do Wednesday! It is a little bland on its own, Im really glad I have the freedom to add some flavor to the mix!

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