Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sooo I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day and Im on my sixth day. Man it's soooo super disgustingly nasty. I mean I smell it and actually feel it burn as it goes down. But it will hopefully help with my swollen ankles and feet...since water pills have not worked since they were prescribed.

I had to seek out alternative options because doctors are not able to properly diagnose my issues. But they are happy to throw me a prescription and tell me to reschedule. DO i look like I want to keep shelling out co-pays for followup visits.

On another note...I started my job last week. Well we had training and I have some trainings next week including CPR. I'm really excited. Im at Hermitage Elementary...and my room is a mess! its not up to my standards so I have alot of work to do before friday morning to get it up to par!

One last thing. I am transitioning to natural! Yes! Yes! Yes...I am! Im talking about my hair...Im done with the creamy crack guys (relaxers)! My husband loves it because it gives me a lot of versatility with my look. So here are some pics from the past week! I have been able to get creative with my looks and do things I have never had the confidence to do in the past! Mostly its me surrendering to whatever my hair wants to do. When its not cooperating I just go with

Have a great week guys!

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  1. love it! make sure your doctors have checked you for thyroid and kidney issues if you are having swelling.