Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Night Lights

I'm speaking of the light emanating from my television. My husband got Madden10 and took off in celebration of his 25th birthday and the game!

Happy Birthday Babes! I LOVE YOU!

Moving on...

I made Peanut Butter Brownies last week. Threw in some chocolate chips for good luck!

No words...just pictures!

Oh and one more thing.

True Story. (I hate when people say that.)

Willow came up to me today while the kids were playing outside and said, "Can you use your magic to turn me into a Jaguar." I said "Why of course I can. AbraKadabraHocusPocus Turn this Willow into a Jaguar FOCUS!" She crawled away on her hands and knees...through the dirt like kids do at that age. She persisted to MEOW for the next hour. The other kids got so irritated and they kept telling her to stop meowing. Then I told her to stop and she wouldn't. (Stupid magic wand is so temperamental)

I decided to just let her be what she was going to be and eventually she got tired of trying to get me to understand what she wanted and she resorted to English. Moral of the soon as you stop trying to get something to be what you think its supposed to be, you have one less worry. I mean Willow, a 6 year old girl, is not meant to meow for prolonged periods and when I stopped trying to get her to stop, she did it on her own.


  1. happy bday to your hubby! love your pictures.

  2. That's usually the way of it isn't it? They want to do it on their own terms. Ah ha. Those brownies look so delish!