Monday, August 2, 2010

Guess Who's Back!

Hey everyone!

I'm back again!  Truth is I haven't had the will or energy to post while I was still having to work Summer Odyssey (H&ll on Earth).  Now that that is over and I'm back to my everyday I will have plenty to say! 

First of all...let me say.  My phone is so crappy.  I have a blackberry that is not even a year old.  The trackball is funny acting AND my camera needs glasses.  I'm not over exaggerating...I'm so serious. 

OK don't believe.  LOOK!

See!  This is what I'm talking about! glaucoma!

Anyways.  I brought forth the message at church on Sunday. I was very surprised that I was going to have to do it.  But God blessed my socks off.  So I give Him praise for what He is doing in my life!

Fashion.  What does it means to you?  For me it is really about expression.  Its a way to connect and give others a glimpse of my personality without necessarily saying a word. 

Leopard flats say a lot about a person.  When I am wearing mine I feel invincible.  I feel way more powerful and confident when I wear my leopard flats than I do when I wear some black ones.  A big chunky funky necklace that doesn't match a thing I have on says more than you know.  Its like a silent rebellion.  It rides down the street on my neck screaming at passers by for no reason in particular other than that it is present. 

What statements do your clothes or accessories or style say about you!?

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