Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summah Summah Summah-time....Summertime

So I have been gone forever.  I didnt give word that I was taking a break.  Sorry.  I just was not inspired to blog...or even be on the computer for that matter.

A few weeks ago...I had an epiphany that led me to start putting my resume out.  After I get a new job I will give more details on why I am going elsewhere.  You know everything and everyone is online and I wouldnt want to say anything that would be deemed negative by my employers while Im actually still working for them.  Can you say fired?  Right.

So I havent been doing much this summer.  Watching reality television, and spending time with our house guest.  Yes...HOUSE GUEST.  We are hosting a 9 year old girl that goes to our church for the summer.  We just want to put her in a different environment for the summer.  it has been an experience to say the least.  She has opened my eyes to MYSELF...I dont know how my husband can stand me.

So pretty much we have been shopping, eating fruit, and hanging by the pool at the YMCA!

I have been taking pictures but I have on my dumb work uniform so its not anything special.  I cant wait until I get a job where I can where what I want.  Or I have to dress up! I'm so excited!  THEN I will be having OOTD post like all of my beautiful blogging friends! I miss you guys!  I'm glad to be back!


  1. i want to hear more about this house guest!

  2. ms. eeeee !!!! u look so happy in this pic! hope ure having a great week love!

  3. ... and we been missing ya.. see u soon!