Monday, April 12, 2010

Larabar Smarabar

Larabars.  They were crucial for me when I was doing the vegan no sugars thing for 21 days. I think Jen @ Prior Fat Girl mentioned eating them.  But I can't remember what made me try these.  I was starving after a staff meeting one Tuesday afternoon and went to The Turnip Truck because I figured that I could get something I could eat there without spending over THREE DOLLARS.  

I scoured the whole store.  I was tired of fruit.  I wanted something else.  So I went to their wonderful snack bar section and read the ingredients on EVERY SINGLE bar that they had.  The guys that worked at the store kept walking past me.  When I was in the oatmeal...they were looking at the oatmeal.  But whatever.  I was on a mission to eat something good for my body.   

The Larabar's ingredient tab had it going sugar or flour...just fruit and nuts!  Gluten free! Dairy Free!  Soy Free!  I mean come on!  It was a winner. 

Look at that tiny bite I took! I was so scared to taste

So whats my verdict after I tasted it...???

The empty package says it all.
I wish that the lovely folks at Larabar would email me and offer me some more bars to review.  You guys should really try them...if you need something to get you from one meal to the next!

Turnip truck people.  Stop following me when I come in there!  I have made a commitment to myself to know what is in what I'm putting in my body.   Thanks for having that healthy option for me to purchase and bearing with me picking up stuff and putting it back on the shelf if it doesn't make the cut!

Later Folks!


  1. i love larabars. my favorite flavor is still the original.

  2. mm mmm mmmm, I have to try to find more snacks like these.

    I gave you an award! Check outmy blog to pick it up!

  3. oooo! not i gotta try those! looks delish! and to answer ure question love ... my outfit from yesterday consisted of a skirt with a black waistband ... and u did prolly see at ross cuz thats where i got it. then i paired the skirt with a vest. xoxo!


  4. I'll have to try these! i like the idea of them. great post

  5. You wish has been granted! I help run the LARABAR Blog. Please email me at for samples . . . and I'm happy to make you the Fan of the Day on the blog