Saturday, April 17, 2010


Ok I need help from all of my fashion forward ladies!  I am the wedding coordinator for my brothers wedding on May8th.  I want to get a dress from eShakti but I have no idea what to get.  I want to be to trot...cutie pie flying high.   You know what I mean.  My husband says that shirts and shirts are more flattering on me than dresses and to tell the truth I value his opinion because when ever I get his input and listen I get compliments.  He won't actually pick out the outfit...but will help pull everything together for the final reveal.  Here is where I need your help!  Can you go to eShaki and either post on your page what I should wear or comeback and give me the link for what I should wear.

A few things to keep in mind:

I have boobies.
I have a large waist, back fat, no hips and a flat-ish booty.
I don't really like wearing my arms out so I might wear a cardi...or add a sleeve to the dress.
Skirts are welcome suggestions.
I am wearing my black pumps because they are comfortable and I will be running all day.

I want to order my dress Monday so please please please give me your input...I value the opinion of my style divas in blogland!  I am working a more laid back wedding today...but I will take pictures and post them sometime this week.  I can't wait to get your input!  Have a wonderful weekend!



  2. My favorite for you would be the pink one. It would look nice with a black cardigan. I wouldn't trust eshakti to put sleeves on it because you run the risk of them being too tight.

  3. I'm not sure about the level opf dress for the wedding (though I'm guessing a spring/summer wedding), but any of these would be lovely

    What I love about the shape of these dresses is that you can fit it to your bust and waist, and it doesn't matter if the hips are roomy

    as I'm sure you can tell, I think pink would look darling on you


    I'd pair this with a belt- either black patent or the yellow color- and a hot pair of shoes in a contrasting shade. Belting at the middle will make your waist defined/visually smaller, and the ruffle at the top will frame your face beautifully.


  6. love! sorry for the late response! did u order it yet??? heres my opinions though:

    i think ull look great in a dress miss! believe me! i cant wait to see wat u pick! eeeekk!

  7. I really like these: