Monday, October 26, 2009

Bowl of Teddies

Ever have those days when you feel down and are forced to partaking in self loathing?  Well that's how I'm feeling today.  I was going to send my husband to get something chocolaty gooey hot and cold...but I didn't want to send him back out.  Sooo I made due with what I had....Teddy Grahams and Cool Whip Lite. 


Don't judge me.  I have a lot on my mind. I figure this is better than what I planned on eating...and it didn't cost me any additional money.

Anyways. I need to figure out what to wear to my brother's engagement party.  I'm thinking this will be the place to wear the sequin jacket I'm going to buy. This look but with black pants not leather ones.

Jason Campbell sucks...he needs to be benched STAT.  Go SKINS!


  1. That'll do in a pinch. I could at cool whip any day of the week. Hope things are looking up for you!

  2. i've been feeling crappy too!!! don't worry, no judgements from here.

  3. Yeah crap comes often over here.
    Go ahead with the sequin jacket, that is hot.
    Only thing is where else would you wear it?
    I'm so conservative that I just wouldnt be able to wear a sequin jacket to the grocery store. I'd be afraid people were staring at me.

    BUT I got this awesome black tank with lines of seqins going across it. I plan on layering under a black cardigan. I'll post it when it I can.

    Miss you too. Hope all is going well!Sounds like it. Over her, life such a bit, fashion is my only reprieve.