Thursday, October 22, 2009


Update.  My transition from relaxed to natural is going so well. I have hat days but I have really good days that make me so happy I decided to take this route.  I stepped out on a limb and did a Bantu Knot Out and here are my results!  I LOVE IT!

This is definitely going to be one of my go to styles as i didnt need rollers just hair pins and I was able to let my hair dry 90 percent of the way then twist it up.  With my braid outs i get better results when I braid wet and it never dries by the morning.

Anyways...I am past the six month marker and I can see a year in the horizon. 

Yes that head band has huge different colored fake rhinestones on it.  Its so tacky but I love it and so did the girls I worked with today!!!!

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  1. i love headbands! your hair is really cute. really.