Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Year Ago Today

Today is my one year wedding anniversary! Its been a fun filled year...and our love and friendship is stronger than ever! Sometimes I can't believe that Im married but I am. Marriage in my opinion gets a bum wrap. It is what you make it...and sometimes two people just shouldnt be married. They may be right for dating or a committed relationship but those two things does not a happy marriage make. In my opinion...and this is my blog so I can say what i want.


We went to Germantown Cafe. A quaint modern spot in the gorgeous Germantown area of Nashville. I had pork medallions in a mustard plum sauce it was alright. Q had the lamb and as always his meal was spectacular. We were going to have desert there but opted to go to Q's fave creamery..Marble Slab. We had a really nice evening.

We retired to our abode to watch Twilight. It was pretty good...which I definately didnt exptect.

Our first wedding anniversary was simple and low key just like us.

Im excited about what the future hold for the Clay's...and look forward to many more wedding anniversaries to come!

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