Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lean Green Machine

I went to Target Sunday to buy some dish washer detergent. Ended up getting a cute t-shirt. Also ended up getting some black and purple argyle socks for Q.

They gave me a free bag. One of those red re-useable ones. I am really excited about it. Now I have two. A nice sized target one, and a big T-Mobile one.

I'm still not going green, ad refuse to give up my plastic water bottles. But I will use these bags when I go grocery shopping!

We are trying again to make going to the gym a part of the everyday life. This will be day number two. I'm my mind I have ruled out the option of not going. It simply is a must. More important that going to work. More important that eating. Okay I'm going a little to far with that one.

But u get the drift. Change is best served in small spurts. A plastic bag gone yesterday. The gym every tomorrow. And before I know it green and lean will be a part of Erica!

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