Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Woman Within

Let me just say that I'm sitting at my husbands desk stunned, with my mouth hanging open.  Why?  Because I have to eat my words.  One of my co-workers and I love to talk shop.  And by shop I don't mean work, I mean SHOPPING!  We talk about Lane Bryant and how our experiences with the retailer differ drastically.  I hate LB and she loves it.  So yesterday afternoon she said, "E have you looked into Woman Within"?  I turned my nose up like she sat poo under my nose.  "WOMAN WITHIN!? How absurd.  I would never find anything decent there.  All they have is fat girl knits." 

Haahaa! But alas.  I was wrong. 

Werk. It.

  I adore this color palette right now.  The lavender, plum, raisin...delish!

I wish this was in white, but I guess i can settle for this color.

This top is cute but I love the richness of the colors in the collection, especially the skinny jeans. 

I wish they had more in the peach color family, Im into the whole romantic look right now.
I would splurge on this top.  But I don't have to...I just googled promo codes and got a 50% off one item.   If Woman Within contacts me, I would love to do a review on all of this stuff.   

Oh yeah and this too!  I need three different would be my go to look on the weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Lupe Fiasco is the business.  You need to get his new CD.  We Are LASERS. 

Of course Lupe being who he is has an acronym for an album title, it stands for Love Always Shines Every Time Remember to Smile.  I LOVE THAT!  Especially since I have been examining myself lately.  Looking in the mirror is never a bad thing when you want to see the real in the reflection.  I'm striving to love, have compassion and mercy.  I believe these attributes will  enable me to walk in my truth and live my life with grace.  It takes a strong person to let stuff go, the weak hold on to things for fear of losing control and entering the unknown.  The thing is...God is in control.  I am striving to cut myself a little slack these days. 

Anyway, I love Lupe because his music always makes me think.  I wont tell you what my favorite track is, because I don't want to taint your experience of the album.  This is really just good fun music and even though I am a fan of "The Cool"...I understand and appreciate this album for what it is. 

Now Lupe...when are you coming to Nashville!!!???? 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Melie Bianco Bags Baby (And me using the world Fabulous too many times...)

Let me just say that I LOVE handbags.  Way more than shoes.  Give me some target flats or whatever, and a fab bag...and I'm better than fantastic!  I was perusing the People Mag dedicated to fashion happenings and I came across a bag that I LURVED.  I have decided to stray from my beloved known designer bags and venture into unknown territory.  Well unknown to me and most other people I see on a regular basis.  Enter Melie Bianco.

Lets face it Nashville is not the fashion capital of the world.  That being said, there are a lot of fashionable people here.  One of my yelp buddies Marcia (a fabulous one) just participated in Nashville Fashion Week, and one of my favorite designers Christian Sariano was there (which rocks).   I'm glad to report it was successful and fabulous! 

However, it would have been nice to have some plus sized fashion fabulousness represented in some way.  A size twelve somewhere on some promotional piece.  There are many real women in Nashville, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra extra large.  I was not checking for the designers who do not design for me.  I guess as usual, my Fab Flab isn't "high fashion".  ::stepsoffsoapbox::

With that said, the point of the whole thing was to give back to those with artistic vision and passion for the arts.  We know they don't always get the funds needed to make the world a beautiful place.  All of the proceeds from fashion week went to the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund to support artists in the industry with Middle Tennessee ties.  Even though I complain all the time about wishing I was back in my beloved Maryland/D.C/Va...Nashville has a lot to offer. 

I digress. This post is about the fabulousness and affordability of Melie Bianco bags.  So lets get to the show.

This comes in three colors, and for $81.00 I can afford the white one too!

This is so delicious.  You know what is also delicious.  The fact that it is $58.00.  Fifty eight bucks!

Object of my desires. 
          Drool worthyness.             
This cross over ditty is $72.00, and I would pay for it.  I'm going to pay for it actually.  I need it to wear with my 2.50 Old Navy Flip Flops.  And you all need to check out Melie Bianco STAT!

What kind of handbags are you loving right now???!!