Thursday, April 7, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Lupe Fiasco is the business.  You need to get his new CD.  We Are LASERS. 

Of course Lupe being who he is has an acronym for an album title, it stands for Love Always Shines Every Time Remember to Smile.  I LOVE THAT!  Especially since I have been examining myself lately.  Looking in the mirror is never a bad thing when you want to see the real in the reflection.  I'm striving to love, have compassion and mercy.  I believe these attributes will  enable me to walk in my truth and live my life with grace.  It takes a strong person to let stuff go, the weak hold on to things for fear of losing control and entering the unknown.  The thing is...God is in control.  I am striving to cut myself a little slack these days. 

Anyway, I love Lupe because his music always makes me think.  I wont tell you what my favorite track is, because I don't want to taint your experience of the album.  This is really just good fun music and even though I am a fan of "The Cool"...I understand and appreciate this album for what it is. 

Now Lupe...when are you coming to Nashville!!!???? 


  1. I love Lupe! I wish he would come to Memphis too.

  2. i want to hear about your anniversary celebration!