Saturday, September 25, 2010

Say Yes to Tomatoes: No Thanks

Friday after my pedicure I stop into Ross to see what what I could possibly find a reason to spend money on.  I walked around the store and a few things stood out as desirable but one thing in particular caught my eye.  being part of the natural hair community is very important to me.  Besides becoming a Pescatarian, going natural is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  With that said, a lot of people in that community have been talking about this line of natural products called, Yes to Carrots/Cucumbers/Tomatoes. Well Ross has Yes to Tomatoes conditioner for 2.99.  I mean who could pass up 10 dollar conditioner. staring you in the face screaming to the top of its lungs, "I'm 2.99 fool...don't you dare walk out of here without me!"

Needless to say, I bought it.  I went to work and all I could think about was going home to co-wash with Yes to Tomatoes.  Kids were talking to me and telling me stories on the playground but I just could not get this stuff off of my mind!  When I got home I made fish tacos (which I have decided I don't care for unless the fish is grilled Tilapia...Blue Coast Burrito sucks.)...then played a little Move on the PlayStation 3 with my husband.  By the time I worked up a sweat and decided to hop in the shower, the bottle of conditioner was calling my name!  So prepped for my wash.  Upon opening the conditioner no fragrance knocked me down.  I thought, "hmmm it has pleasant aroma but I like the small delightful hint of deliciousness that is tickling my nostrils right now", so I had to give it a mental check plus on the smell and the overall feeling it gave me upon smelling it.

Then I put it on. Slip was excellent, it went on smooth.  I feel my hair getting softer and softer.  Unfortunately, what I didn't feel was my curls popping!  Ugh!  For seriously YTT???  SO you are just going to smell fab but not define my curls.  Hmmm...OK.  This bottle of conditioner will need to be spruced up, I'm not giving it a check because I can't use it alone without anything being added to it and it working effectively.  


Love the price (2.99 Ross)
Love the smell (hint of deliciousness)
Love the slip (gave my hair the desired texture)
No curl definition (being that I'm all about my curls this failed me)


I still suggest it to you all.  My followers are of many different ethnic backgrounds, with many different hair textures.   Give it a try it you want soft manageable hair.  

I prefer my hair to be soft, wild and unmanageable!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monthly Check In

Whats going on everyone!  I am tired and a whole lot of other things...but I'm happy so who cares!

Good news. I am back in school and taking 18 credits while working full time.  Some days I think I have taken on too much, then I am rewarded with a perfect grade on a research paper and all is well and right in my world again.  In case anyone is interested, I am studying Elementary Education and hope to one day go into Administration.

Bad news.  I can't believe I am sharing this but mid- August I was demoted at my job.  It was the most embarrassing thing I have had to go through in awhile.  Honestly, I still don't know what I did wrong because my supervisor NEVER talked to me about it.  The whole year I had the position parents and the principal at my school had no complaints.  After being angry and depressed for awhile (a long while) I decided that obviously this organization isn't it for me. I mean, it is a stop on the path that God has already set in place for me!  So whatever.  I'm over it but I am also over this particular organization and am treating this like the J-O-B that it is.

If I hadn't gotten demoted honestly I wouldn't be back in school right now.  I would have given a lame attempt to get back in again but not really pursued it.  Sooo all that to say...I no longer worry about the things that are happening all around me because my steps are ordered by God.  Manifest destiny.  Yeah.

My natural hair journey is coming along.  Look at my hair!  This is not even my 'fro.  it has grown back and then some since I chopped all of my relaxer off in February.  

Guess what! I finally won a give away!  Yes, yes yall!
Mrs Hall In Training sent me some FABULOUS bangles from her trip to Cancun!  I cannot wait to wear them!  I will be sure to post a pic from whatever I wear them with!  Thanks again Diva!


I will settle for these from Target.  I'm going to buy them tomorrow actually.

They have another flat pair...I may get those instead.  We will see...the last pair of leopard kitten heels I had I wore them until they fell apart.  Not an over-exaggeration my husband was my boy-friend and he promised to buy me some more if I threw them away.  He never did.  I was duped...but then maybe not.  I got the husband instead.  : )

Okay I have  talked enough! Enjoy the rest of your week!