Thursday, October 14, 2010


Heeeellllooooo everyone!  I pray all is well with each and every one!

I don't have much going on.  School is coming along quite well.  Work know work.  I messed up my back, went a week without getting it checked out.  And am currently on my last of three days at home after being ordered by my husband and doctor to stay home and heal.  I would have never stayed home unless I was made to do so!  But I am glad they made me!

On the first morning I woke up to a delightful Strawberry Parfait made with French Vanilla Yo-plait and Maple Pecan Bare Naked Granola...and my medicine.  

 Ignore the Cheerios, this was from another day. 
Well I ate, enjoyed and fell into a coma.  I have been sleeping since Tuesday!  I'm not complaining, but my back still hurts.  If it doesn't feel better by Saturday, I will be returning to the doctor's office for a more in depth look into my back aches.

So I just wanted to share this delicious meal with you all, and let you know that real dreams do come true!  Haaahaa!  That was so corny but I wanted to say it so I just slapped it on to the end of that sentence.  

All jokes aside.  

FISH TACOS are the business.  My husband and I have been everywhere trying to find some fish tacos we could STAMP with our "tons of deliciousness" stamp of approval.  I looked online, asked random folks on the street, and search high and low.  Finally I found them!  I mean Nashville is not like most cities, there aren't a million places to find great food in owner operated restaurants. 

But finally, we found it!  We went to The Whiskey Kitchen in the Gulch, I had Salmon, the hubby had fish tacos.  Let me say...STAMP!  They were ridiculously fabulous!  Of course, me being who I am, decided that I could remake them.  So we did!  

Kept it simple.  Beer battered fish that we whipped up ourselves.  Fresh Jalapeño Peppers and Roma tomatoes.  Homemade Cole Slaw and Ranch Dressing.  STAMP!

I am not playing.  If you make these fish tacos you will add your STAMP of approval to them as well!  

Recap:  The Whiskey Kitchen is super delicious...great for Pescetarians.  Fish Tacos are the business when done right. STAMP!  


  1. fish tacos! our neighbors in california own a mexican restaurant. we ALWAYS get their fish tacos. they grill their white fish with some old bay-like seasoning, pile on the avocados and tomatoes with salsa. i get mine with a corn tortilla, steve likes white flour. it's too die for!