Sunday, November 22, 2009

Booties Booties Booties

So I saw these online and decided that I have to have them. 

 I went to Avenue to see if they were in fact as cute in person as they were on my monitor.  They are.  I'm going to get them before we head to Chicago for Thanksgiving on Wednesday. 

Oh yeah...forgot to mention that we will be in Chicago for the holiday.  I can't wait.  Q is going to take me to all the tourist attractions! Im going to have deep dish pizza and lots of other goodies!  But I wont go crazy out of my mind like I normally do when I get around great food.  On thanksgiving Im going ot pack my plate with veggies and lean protein and then have a sampling of the other faire.  Oh and my day after Thanksgiving leftovers will consist of a turkey sandwich on wheat with some cranberry sauce!!!

What are you doing to keep yourself from going crazy at the table on Thanksgiving?  Or are you just going to go for broke...??? Let me know!


  1. i will definitely be buying these in grey! i'm so glad i saw this post because i've been searching for a pair of grey boots. these are perfect!

  2. There will be no worrying about what I'm eating the next few days! Love those grey booties!