Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Big Chop

So...its been a long week.  Not in a bad way.  I got sick on Friday and even my Airborne couldn't fight back the germs that attacked me and took me out!  I work with kids so I am sure to get my vitamins but...this thing I caught was a BEAST.  Needless to say, I still had to go to work because we are short staffed.

So I have been eating much better.  Getting in my fruits and more veggies.  Eating breakfast EVERY morning before I go to work.

I have also become OBSESSED with Red Grapefruit and Agave Nectar.  It is the business.  instead of eating candy or other junk this week I have been eating my grapefruit with a little of Agave.  The picture is awful but my blackberry gave me quick access to a lens.  I really need to charge my camera.

I have some news.  An update of sorts.  I have been growing my hair out and transitioning to go natural.  I was doing fine with it.  But I got tired of trying to work the two textures and I was anxious to see what my hair's texture would be like with the relaxed ends.  

So I went and got the relaxed ends chopped off...for the most part.  

Once again the pictures are from my blackberry.  My camera's battery is dead.  I'm actually charging it right we speak.  

So thats all thats been going on here with this Curvy Cutie!  I'm going to peruse some blogs and do my 30 Day Shred with Miss.  Michaels!  Later!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bunny's Banana Bread & A Ramble

I need a doctor.  Stat.  I cannot seem to find one in Nashville that I like.  In the past four months I have seen three different doctors.  The first one was an idiot.  Well not really...he was all about the money and leaving you waiting for twenty five minutes AFTER you got to the examination room (after having waited for 20 minutes in the lobby).  Don't waste my time.  Gosh.  The second...took all of these tests and blood samples from me...only to loose my test results and not half way remember why I was there to see her in the first place.  She also kept me waiting for an insane amount of time.  Then there is the third doctor.  I liked him alot and apparently so does everyone else and their mama.  When we had the flu...they couldnt see us for a month.  And now they do not have an open appointment in the morning until March 22. What.  Stop playing.

So needless to say.  Im irked and in need of a doctor.  So I called yesterday to see if i could get my test results.  They were not there.  I called today...they are out of the office. I just want copies of my crap so I can go somewhere else.

Where?  I dont know yet.

On a brighter....more colorful note.

Banana Bread.  Its not that great in my opinion.  I actually think it is rather...meh.  That is until I happened upon Bunny's Blog!  Bunny Baby...Where have you been all my life with this Banana Cream Cheese Bread recipe! 

Thats the close up!  Can you see the cream cheese swirl in there. I'm not playing.  You MUST make this banana bread.  It is the BEST I have ever had.  And we know I love food!

My swirl was a little off...and I added more sugar because it wasn't sweet enough for me.  But I need things super sweet.  I forgot to add nuts to my recipe but I will not make that mistake again!

That's all I've got folks!  Until the next time...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Overload

So Valentine's Day totally much as it could on a Sunday.  We went to church of course...and had planned to cook dinner together...rosemary thyme lamb shanks to be exact.  However...not a lamb shank could be found in the area.  We scoured grocery stores and didn't have time or patience after that to find a butcher.  Soooo we ended up going out to dinner.

We then had dessert.  Which was a gross strawberry cheesecake from Publix.  What were we thinking.  We are so much better than that.  I wont attempt to get my rich decadent dessert fix from Publix EVER again.

My hubby surprised me with a surprise flower delivery on Sunday after church.  I thought he didn't do anything.  Then he asked me if I was okay with the fact that we were just cooking dinner.  And me being the jerk face that I am...told him exactly how I felt about not even getting as much as a card (in a nice respectful way mind you).  All of this in the car on the way home from church.  Haaha!  Then we got home and ::knockknockknock::  Special Delivery for the Douche Queen.

It was the cutest hot pink pink red and lilac arrangement with a little lavendar sprinkled in.

I am all Valentined out.  We had a party at Fun Company on Friday...the same day I got an unannounced visit from my DHS Counselor.  Its all good...everything was in order.  The party must go on...and it did!

This is the only Valentine I got from my kids! Can you believe it! They obviously hate my guts.

I gave these bags to the kids...and these Cat in the Hat cards.  Super Cute!

We also made Valentine"s Day gifts for ALL of the  teachers and principal at Hermitage Elementary School.  We hand delivered each one and the kids had a sign that said...

"Who needs a big chocolate heart, when you can have a big healthy heart.  Happy Healthy Valentine's Day"

They love it...I hope.  Apple, Granola bar and Dove Dark Chocolate Hearts. 
Finally.  Great news.  I cleaned off the desk in my classroom.  Yay!  


Signing off!  Enjoy the stale crunch snow!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Satan Disguised as a Yellow Smiley Face

I watched Food Inc last weekend.  Let me just say, I have been changed.  Well I will change next time I go shopping.  I still have chicken and pork chops in the freezer and I'm not throwing them away.  I will be slowly switching to organic on most things.  

The thing is I live in Madison and Trader Joe's and Whole Foods is soooo far away!  Remember when I lived on Florida Avenue and could walk to Whole Foods!   I digress.  I shop at Publix so I will just scoot on down to the organic side of the isle.  

I do have a complaint.  I hate Walmart.  Everyone that knows me knows that  I despise the place.  There was a part of the movie where the guy from Stoneyfield Farms said that they were working with Walmart and Walmart was bringing more organic foods...and this and that and the other.  So I foolishly went to Walmart after work to get a few things.  MOST specifically Chobani Greek Yogurt.  I love this stuff.  With fruit and a drizzle of honey/agave.  I digress.

I went into Walmart to get it and they didn't have it.  They didn't even have Oikos Greek Yogurt (which I don't like but would've settled for).  They has some Yo-Plus but that is NOT what I wanted.  So I decided not to spend any more of my money in Walmart on food.  They claim to be the "Great Value"...but cheap doesn't equate to value.  Whats valuable is being healthy right!  Do I really want that cheap chicken and beef.  At what cost am I willing to turn a blind eye to their antics.  I mean how come Great Value spaghetti is 1.30 cheaper than the rest!  What corners is WALMART cut their bottom line and deliver such a Great Value!  Stop being TRICKSY WICKED AND FALSE WALMART!  (Lord of the Rings Reference)


I just don't appreciate how these big corporations are putting small farmers and businesses OUT of business. I hated how the farmers were forced to compromise quality in order to make a living for themselves...which was barely a living.

I also dont appreciate that the apples I bought were disgusting.  How is an apple...better yet FIVE apples...gonna taste like poo.  So I bid you farewell...super Walmart's food side.  My money wont be spent on food there.  And I will continue to complain about horrible you are!   

Monday, February 8, 2010


I stumbled upon this today.  It really blessed me tremendously.  It was exactly what I needed at this very moment.

Oh how HE loves us.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dom Diva

Heck Yeah!  I need a Hot Haute Hostess Apron!  STAT!

Don't you want one! I mean what better way to dance around the kitchen!

So I went to the website Haute Hostess Aprons and surprisingly the owner and creator, Elizabeth Scokin is based in Nashville! Whuuuh! I wonder if she works out at the YMCA downtown.  (Why is that my first about nutzo.)    I have the perfect brooch to wear with it!

Truth be probably doesn't even come in plus sizes!  I know you are thinking that there is no such thing with aprons but um yes there is.  I just looked on the site and it said "One size fits most."  Haahaa....::straightface::  She couldn't just add a little more material on for is in the 16+ category.  I'd model it for her for free!  Me and all of my boobs and gut and hips and legs!  I'm so serious.  Whatever.  I'm not even going to get on the the soap box for this one.

I might make one of these bad boys myself...

Until then...may the cute be with you.